A Betrayal of Trust - Whitney Wright, Paige Owens [PureTaboo] (FullHD 1080p)

A Betrayal of Trust - Whitney Wright, Paige Owens [PureTaboo] (FullHD 1080p)

A BETRAYAL OF TRUSTTeen Lesbian Is Coerced By Girlfriend Into Straight Threesome With Step-DadSCENE OPENS on Paige Owens greeting her girlfriend Whitney Wright as Whitney arrives at Paige's house. They instantly giggle and paw at each other as Paige pushes Whitney towards the couch playfully. Whitney jokingly tells Paige to slow down a little - what's the hurry? They have Paige's house to themselves all weekend. Whitney tells Paige she wants to cuddle and talk. Paige looks a bit worried but says sure they can talk.Whitney asks how things have been since Paige's new step-father Bruce, who is a police officer, moved in a couple of weeks ago. Paige says things have been fine. Whitney seems surprised - Paige was SO upset for WEEKS about her mom's marriage and plans for him to move in, she didn't think Paige would have such a sudden change of heart.Paige dismisses Whitney's concerns, saying it just took her awhile to get used to since her real dad was such a laid-back guy that she wasn't used to having a disciplinary figure in her life. Paige tries to get the subject back onto sex, pressing her body seductively against Whitney's and kissing her sensually before leading Whitney to her bedroom.

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