Are You Lonely - Olive Glass [MissaX] (FullHD 1080p)

Are You Lonely - Olive Glass [MissaX] (FullHD 1080p)

Tyler (Cruise) is standing at the bedroom door, watching his stepmother (Olive Glass) get dressed, his gaze riveted on her pantyhose. He knocks, and she turns to greet him, smiling: "Come in"."I just wanted to say good morning", he says. "Good morning. What are you up to today? Anything exciting?", stepmom asks. "I thought I would just stick around here. Do you need anything?", he asks. Her face turns serious, and she says: "You should really get out more, Tyler. I worry about you". "Well you shouldn't. I like hanging around here with you", he asserts. "I like it too, but you're young. You should be out there, making mistakes, getting into trouble", she says, putting on her high heels."Not too much trouble, because I'm not ready to become a grandmother yet", she advises and laughs. "Well, you don't have to worry about that", he says. "See, I hate when you say things like that. It makes me feel like some old witch, locked away in her castle with her stepson", she says. "You're not old", he points out. "But I'm a witch?", she jokes. "You've cast a spell on me", he claims."You're too much. Just teasing though", stepmom says. "I want to be here with you", he says sincerely. "Yeah, I understand -I really do. I'm lonely too", she says. "Well, we have each other. Why do we need anybody else?", he wonders. "I miss your father", she says. "Well, maybe he should be more around here then", Tyler says. "We're not his priority", stepmom asserts, and gets up to kiss Tyler on the cheek. She leads him out of the bedroom.Later he is sitting at the kitchen counter. Stepmom says: "Look Tyler, I'm just saying you need to find some purpose in your life, whether it's art or relationships, or something. It's not healthy for you to be around here all day. Say something". "I have time to figure all of that out", he replies. "I'm not saying you don't", she counters. "It's just with dad gone all the time I didn't want you to be lonely", he contends. "That's sweet, but I can take care of myself", she insists.

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