Erin Everheart & Karma RX - Concept: CuckQueen - [MylfLabs / MYLF] (HD 720p)

Erin Everheart & Karma RX - Concept: CuckQueen - [MylfLabs / MYLF] (HD 720p)

For those looking to explore the idea of cuckoldry, look no further. Our newest concept, titled “cuckqueen,” is all about the age-old fetish of cuckolding. Only this time, the roles have been reversed. In this episode, Marcus London has been seeing Karma RX after his wife, Erin Everheart, cannot please him sexually. His solution is to bring Karma into their marriage and teach Erin how she should be acting. Erin is bound and forced to watch Marcus fuck another woman. Then, it’s her turn to see if she’s learned anything from the raunchy sexcapade. With a bit of help from Karma, Erin is back to pleasuring her husband as she should.

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Duration: 00:59:23
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