Nadia White (Loving Wife USES BBC To Protect Husband!) - [] (Full HD 1080p)

Nadia White (Loving Wife USES BBC To Protect Husband!) - [] (Full HD 1080p)

Having a rich husband is amazing. You go on long glamourous trips, get expensive gifts, and have exotic romantic dinners.That rich wife life is the one Nadia is living and she is definitely enjoying it. Her husband gives her everything she could possibly want or need. She makes sure to shower him daily with kisses and hugs.But what Nadia didn't know until recently...was that her husband was involved in business with some VERY UNSAVORY individuals. Individuals who her husband pissed off. Individuals who are now out to get him back by any means necessary.Entering into witness protection was the only option they had, and it has been a VERY trying ordeal for both of them. But Nadia and her husband have been trying to live life as normally as possible; they had a great dinner date tonight, which was a bit bittersweet, because her husband is testifying against his former partners tomorrow. Even though he tried to act normal, Nadia could sense that something was bothering her husband. It's like he knew something bad was about to happen....Nadia tries her best to reassure her husband after dinner. She loves him so much. Even though his actions resulted in their lives being uprooted, she would do anything for him.But Nadia's concentrating so much on making him feel better though that she doesn't notice the door to her hotel room opening...ever so slowly...

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